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  1. Hong Kong Octopus Card - HKD50 Preloaded with HK Airport Pick Up: Get a Hong Kong Tourist Octopus Card for cash-free use on public transport, dining, shopping and more. Book your Hong Kong Octopus Card with HKD50 preloaded now with instant confirmation at Klook
  2. The Octopus Card can be purchased from any public transportation company's customer service centre, such as MTR's or KCR's. When first purchasing the Octopus Card, HK$50 is included as refundable deposit, and the remaining value will be stored in the card for normal payments
  3. On-Loan Octopus Card. The On-Loan Octopus card is a rechargeable stored value card and is perfect for tourists. Available types: Adult, Child, Elder and Personalised. To purchase an On-Loan card, a passport or any other identification is not required, except Personalised
  4. The special-purpose card, Airport Express Tourist Octopus, was introduced by Octopus Cards Limited to target tourists in Hong Kong. Two versions of this card are offered, a HK$250 card with a free single ride on the Airport Express , the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train line that runs between the Hong Kong International Airport and the urban areas of Hong Kong, and a HK$350 card with two free.
  5. Octopus are available in Adult, Elder, Child and Personalised versions. Octopus is incredibly versatile and can be used to pay for multiple modes of transport including the MTR, Airport Express, Light Rail, buses and ferries, etc. Once you have an Octopus, you don't have to worry about scrabbling around in your pocket or purse for coins ever again
  6. This is our first trip to Hong Kong, so please help me to solve this question. We are a group of 3 adults, planning for a visit to Hong Kong in 5 days from April 30, 2015. After searching around on the net, we have checked information about the tourist passes in Hong Kong, and we've found out these 2 passes - Octopus Tourist Card, an

Octopus is an electronic payment system using a contactless smart card known as Octopus which includes Octopus cards and products. Octopus can be used to make payments on public transport and at a wide range of retailers and facilities If you have an iPhone 8 or later, or Apple Watch Series 3 or later, simply download the Octopus App for Tourists to add a new Octopus. It is a breeze to check your balance and top up using your favourite credit card / debit card¹. If you already have a physical Octopus card, you can transfer it to your iPhone or Apple Watch easily Answer 1 of 5: Hi I and a friend will arrive in HK on 8/8/14. We will fly off on 12/8/14 night. This means that we might be using MTR/ferry/buses on 9/8, 10/8 & 11/8 ( we will probably walk around tsimsha sui/jordan/mongkok area in the evening/night of 8/8.. The Tourist Octopus - HK$50 Preloaded (HK Airport Pick Up) You can buy a Tourist Octopus online to be ready for pick up at the airport, it comes with HK$50 preloaded credit and special tourist edition motiv. You can keep the card as a souvenir or reuse it on your next trip! The Tourist Octopus costs HK94/US$12. Buy online. Where can I use it

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  1. Just place your Octopus card over the Octopus reader and your payment will be deducted instantly. You can add value to the smart card at MTR stations and most of the retail outlets that accept Octopus payment. There are various types of Octopus cards available, while Sold Tourist Octopus may be the best choice for tourists
  2. Sold Version: The sold version of the Octopus card is also available at the Airport Express MTR station, as well as certain convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Circle K. This is a tourist card that has an upfront cost of HK$39. The card is given to you with no balance, so you'll have to add money to use it. There is also no refundable deposit
  3. There's one thing that should always be in your pocket when traveling to Hong Kong - the Sold Tourist Octopus Card! Drop by the nearest 7-11 or China Travel.
  4. Octopus Card Ltd also prepares a special Sold Tourist Octopus Card for visitors as a perfect gift or souvenir. Unlike the Standard Octopus Card, the Sold Tourist Octopus Card is sold at the price of HK$ 39 without deposit and initial value
  5. Airport Tourist Pass do not need to pay any charge when refunded. 3. Usable range: Octopus Card can be used in all the metro lines and all the shops with the logo, while the Airport Travel Pass cannot be used in the East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations
  6. Visit:http://www.octopus.com.hk/home/en/index.html to find out more. Visit:www.travl2hk.com as your one stop guide of Hong Kong
  7. The tourist Octopus card appears to be intended to be kept as a souvenir. The Sold Tourist Octopus card has an iconic Hong Kong design, making it an ideal souvenir that can be used again when you come back. Also from wikipedia: In contrast to On-Loan cards, Sold cards are sponsored and branded cards

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OUR UNIQUE CATAMARAN EXPERIENCES Sailing, Snorkeling, Sunset & Private Tours! Our boat tours are not overcrowded. We are licensed to carry 46 but restrict to a maximum of 30 adults and keep an average of 20 passengers. Travel the Caribbean sea with plenty of space and more comfort than other companies. We hav Just allow yourself a few extra minutes. A HK$9 administration fee may apply. So you don't really lose any money. My suggestion is to add another HK$100 to the Octopus card because, as suggested by a few others, the card is not limited to payment of transportation services but also at many other vendors/merchants that accept this form of payment The Octopus card doesn't have a 1 day one for tourist. It would be pointless to have one anyways, so either the normal regular one that us locals us everyday, or the 3 day one that includes the 1 journey on Airport Express train, which technically, if you really make use of the MTR and the AE in 3 days, it COULD be worth getting A One Day Tourist Pass is valid for 24 hours only and provides for MTR and Light Rail journeys only. An Octopus Card is far more suitable in your circumstances and is valid for most public transport (MTR, buses, most domestic ferries, trams, Peak Tram) and you can use for as long as you like as long as it has a credit value on it.You can easily top up an Octopus Card with additional value at. The Tourist Card is per person regardless of age and how long you will stay in Mexico. The information you provide in the Tourist Card is kept by the Mexican Immigration Authority as an official record of your visit to Mexico. 2. How much does it cost? The Tourist Card is TOTALLY FREE. You don't have to pay anything to get your Tourist Card.

Macau uses the Macau Pass to pay for transport, it's their local equivalent to the Octopus card - pretty hard to get on (sold through convenience stores but when I tried to buy them many were out of stock so had to ask and ask and ask and finally got it). They're also not sold at the ferry piers (for added convenience I guess). Five days is quite short to add Macau to the mix as it's a long. - Ticket is restricted to tourists (non-Hong Kong residents) who have been in Hong Kong for less than 14 days. - The Ticket user is required to present the Ticket with valid proof of tourist status for inspection by MTR staff at any time upon request With Octopus App for Tourists, you can: - Add an Octopus Card to your iPhone or Apple Watch with just a few steps - Top up anytime, anywhere, with your favourite non-Hong Kong issued Mastercard, UnionPay or Visa credit or debit cards - Check the balance and spending records of your Octopus

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Price for Sold Tourist Octopus purchased from MTR Ticket and Octopus Selling Machines (Credit card, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Octopus only) at Hong Kong International Airport (Arrival Hall adjacent to Hall A and Hall B exits to Airport Station) - HK$150 which comprises card purchase fee HK$39 and HK$111 initial stored value Some widely used contactless smart cards include Melbourne's myki, Sydney's Opal Card, London's Oyster card, South Korea's T-money, Hong Kong's Octopus card, Stockholm's Access card, Japan's Suica and Pasmo cards, Singapore's NETS FlashPay and EZ-Link cards, Manila's Beep cards, Nigeria's ETC Card, Paris's Calypso/Navigo, the Dutch OV-Chipkaart, Greater Toronto's (as well as Hamilton and. Octopus cards are available at all MTR Customer Service Centres in Hong Kong, and there are two different kinds. The first is a 'Sold Tourist Octopus', a special card for visitors which costs HK$ 39.00 , requires no deposit, and comes with no initial stored value, meaning you need to top it up right away Both of the MTR and the Octopus card makes getting around the city a lot easier, especially if you're frequent commuter or a tourist who just want to roam around the city. Using the MTR makes it easier for anyone to reach their destinations, whether you're a tourist who wish to go to Hongkong Disneyland or someone who wish to do business in Shenzhen, China The Sold Tourist Octopus Card is an adult card and automatically charges adult fare for each journey. There is no child version and no concessionary fare available with this card. To benefit from concessionary fares for children you should obtain the on-loan Child Octopus

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A One Day Tourist Pass is valid for 24 hours only and provides for MTR and Light Rail journeys only. An Octopus Card is far more suitable in your circumstances and is valid for most public transport (MTR, buses, most domestic ferries, trams, Peak Tram) and you can use for as long as you like as long as it has a credit value on it.You can easily top up an Octopus Card with additional value at. There's one thing that should always be in your pocket when traveling to Hong Kong - the Sold Tourist Octopus Card! Drop by the nearest 7-11 or China Travel Service Outlets to purchase a card.

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Sold Octopus Tourist Card | Hong Kong - Duration: 1:08. Insider TV Hong Kong 13,320 views. 1:08. 12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell - Duration: 5:37. LosGranosTV Recommended for you Octopus rather than oyster. You need to use cash to reload it, unless you link it to a local bank account for automatic reloading. When buying the initial octopus card - I think you can use a credit card to get the tourist products - at the airport. But, not 100% sure Tickets and Fares-Octopus. About Octopus; Fares; Special Edition Octopus

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Apple Pay now supports Octopus card, delivering a new generation of public transport and retail purchase experiences. Now it's easier than ever to ride trains, buses, and ferries and shop with just your iPhone or Apple Watch. Ride and buy. All with one easy tap Please do not tamper with the Octopus card. In such circumstances, Octopus transactions will not be recognized and the balance will be non-refundable. You may cancel and return the Octopus Card and redeem any available stored balance. However, Octopus Co., Ltd. will not return the cost of the Tourist Octopus Card Various types of Octopus cards are available. The best types for visitors include Sold Tourist Octopus card at HK$39 and On-loan Octopus card with a refundable deposit of HK$50. The Sold Tourist Octopus card has an iconic Hong Kong design, making it an ideal souvenir that can be used again when you come back

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  1. Which Card to Get? If you plan to keep the card even after leaving Hong Kong, Sold Tourist Card will be the right choice but they come with limitation. Whereas getting a Standard Octopus has an advantage, when the stored value become negative, you will still be able to use it without interruption with stored HKD $50 deposit in it.. So getting the Standard Octopus Card is a good idea since you.
  2. Let's View The World TV www.lvtw.tv Living in Taiwan it's quick and easy to take trips to Hong Kong, and since I do that a few times a year I decided to star..
  3. Octopus Tourist Card (not from Hong Kong Airport) I wonder if i can still use the tourist octopus card to have free MTR rides in the city, and then 1 trip to the airport. Question is, can i still do that if i don't buy the ticket from the airport, as i will be arriving in HK from Macau using ferry

Asia - Airport Express Tourist Octopus - 3-Day Hong Kong Transport Pass - OK..I am trying to decide which Octopus Card we will need..We will arrive in HKG on October 31st around 3:00 pm or so. The Airport Express Travel Pass is a tourist Octopus Card but for anyone age 65 and over the choice should always be the Elder Octopus Card, which entitles tourists to the same senior concessionary fares as HK residents and, as pointed out above, means you will be charged a maximum fare of HK$2 per journey, regardless of distance, on MTR trains, buses, most green minibuses and local ferries Singapore Tourist Pass plus. Discover more of Singapore with unlimited travel* on Singapore's buses, trains and enjoy exclusive bundle deals. Compare passes > A 3D2N Muslim-friendly itinerary the includes accommodations, data SIM card and transportation around Singapore Octopus card can be used all the public transport systems, such as bus, MTR and ferry as well as tram, and you can enjoy some discounts. The tourist passes' price is fixed, which contains limited rides or days for MTR or airport express. And if the airport express travel pass get reloaded, it will function like a normal octopus card The Airport Express Tourist Octopus costs HK$220/HK$300 and includes one/two single Airport Express journeys and 3 days of unlimited rides on the MTR, HK$20 stored value and a HK$50 deposit. Special edition cards can be purchased online from Octopus' online store

Octopus Card, like the MetroCard in New York City and the Oyster Card in London, is a multi-usage smart card charging for the public transportation in Hong Kong. First used on 1st September, 1997, when it was only used on bus and MTR. Later the range expanded to many places such as stores,. I would never get the sold tourist card and don't actually know of anyone who has. I am not sure if you can use up the deposit if the card runs out, but am sure someone will tell you. I have had the same octopus card for about 10 years now, have never returned it. So there is no need to hand it bac

Asia - Octopus Card - how much to add for 2 night, 3 day visit? - Hi Fodorites How much do you recommend that I put on my Octopus card for a 2 night, 3 day visit? I plan to take the Airport.

Getting a refund on your Octopus card. You'll probably have some money left on your Octopus card at the end of your trip. If you're planning to come back to Hong Kong, just hang onto the card for your next visit. Otherwise, to get your money back - along with your HK$50 deposit - see out the Octopus refund page for the details Sony TOUGH-M series SDXC UHS-II Card 128GB, V60, CL10, U3, Max R277MB/S, W150MB/S (SF-M128T/T1) 8/10 We have selected this product as being #5 in Best Octopus Card For Tourist of 202

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A Visitor Oyster card costs £5 (plus postage) and is pre-loaded with pay as you go credit for you to spend on travel. You can choose how much credit to add to your card: £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, £40 or £50. The credit on your card never expires - it stays there until you use it The on-loan octopus card is a reloadable stored value card that is convenient to use for both tourists and residents in Hong Kong. There are no documents required when purchasing an Adult or Child on-loan octopus card, but you will need to present your passport or other identification document when getting a Personalized Octopus Card

As far as I know, there is no Tourist Octopus card in HK, unless you buy the airport express travel Pass. If you choose to take airport express, the airport express travel pass will be the best choice. It is either HK$220 for a single airport express trip or HK$300 for a round trips * Hardcopy card users can only use the app to check the remaining time and information about tourist attractions. Prices: 24-hour pass 39,900 won / 48-hour pass 55,000 won / 72-hour pass 70,000 wo Answer 1 of 8: Hi, I wrote to The Octopus card asking for an email for enquiries and was given an invalid email for Customer Enquiry 'cardoperations@octopus.com' I was also asked to contact Mr. Tom Tai of Customer Relations at 2266 2441 (Business Hours..

Looking for attractive gifts to take home for your loved ones? Why not purchasing Octopus ornaments & watches which are available at the MTR and Light Rail Customer Service Centres*. * Octopus ornaments issued by Octopus Cards Limited are available at all MTR and Light Rail Customer Service Centres (except Airport Express, Racecourse and Disneyland Resort stations

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